Fete Day Schedule

Join us from 12 noon at the Lodsworth Recreational Ground 

The Main Event

12.00                  Lodsworth Fete is open

1.00                    First Heat of dog races

2.00                    Second Heat of dog races

3.00                    Children’s Races

4.00                    Dog Race Finals

4.00                    Silent Auction Closes

4.20                    Raffle Drawn

4.30                    The Grand Tug-O-War


Kids & Toddler Section

12pm –     Crafting Session (scratch art, matchbox treasure boxes, giant chalks, peg doll making)

1pm –     Molly Moo Cow session – 35 minutes

2pm –    Jewellery making with Esther

3pm –    Cupcake decorating with Kat

4pm –    Lion Of Lodsworth Competition is drawn

4.15pm – Molly Moo Cow second session – 35 minutes